The Medium is the Message

The Medium is the Message

Let us introduce ourselves. We have created a space dedicated to driving change with real estate. It is a labour of love, built from the ground up whilst on a voyage of technical, entrepreneurial and personal discovery.

We provide a long-term investment; this playbook, our library, and our digital community. Our focus is primarily asset transformation, yet we permit ourselves a wide remit. This is our shot at redefining the online experience. This is our attempt at bringing the physical and digital much closer together.

Collectively, it represents an opportunity. Our world has changed. Financialisation is giving way to a distributed era. We now have a chance to forge a new role for real estate; one that anchors our communities, supports our environment and reflects what we value in society.

Propflo itself is a manifestation of the cultural, technological and economic transformation taking place. We are asset light. We work with ideas. We are remote. We simply have no need for many of the commercial, residential or industrial spaces offered by the current marketplace.

Our approach to driving change is presented over a three part performance;


Act I, Discover; our story for inspiration. We use our professional experience, our digital transformation and our product development as a basis for explaining the coming challenges and opportunities. We discover the leading role for real estate, as set out in this playbook.


Act II, Define; our resource for motivation. We distill our ideas into systems, specifications, roles and toolkits. We empower with our workflows.

Act III; Deliver, our platform for implementation. This is where the digital and physical converge. We are building a network of partners, teachers and learners. Together we are creating real, enduring value by combining our best human traits with our best technologies.

We will bond over shared endeavour. We will demand integrity. We will promote courtesy. We will offer only simple, timeless qualities. We will drive change with real estate.

Before we get started, we must think about what Propflo is for, and what it is not. We do not offer fast news and instant analysis. We operate at a more leisurely pace. This is a digital space for when you are most comfortable, and best placed to consider the words you read, the media you consume, and the world you inhabit.

There is no hidden agenda, or ulterior motive here. There is no secret plan to hijack your attention, trigger anxieties, hoover your data or manipulate minds. There are certainly no push notifications. There is only the desire to motivate, inspire and empower.

Let us offer this additional note; we are under no illusion as to the uncertainty entailed with Propflo. The path ahead is full of unknown unknowns. It may indeed fall flat on its face. Or it may be a roaring success. Either way, as I write these words, it feels like the right and proper thing to do.

The Playbook for the 2020s sets out our thoughts under the following titles. It will take an entire community to digest, expand upon, refine, debate and help bring to life.